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Strivectin Neck Cream


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Perhaps the most recognizable (because of all their advertising) name in the neck cream market, Strivectin has been delivering treatment to the stubborn neck area for longer than most treatments out there.  Strangely, this notoriety has not translated into many positive consumer reviews. Is Strivectin the victim of shady internet marketers, or has this product simply been out performed and out classed by the competition?  We were certainly eager to test this neck cream out on our subjects.  As we suspected, Strivectin performed decently when compared to other neck creams on our ratings chart; effective enough to warrant our Number 2 Choice among the neck creams tested.

Using a combination of Peptides and other active ingredients, Strivectin is designed to penetrate the skin and synthesize collagen.  Not exactly a new concept in anti aging skin care, however if done well, can be fairly effective.  NIA-114 is another ingredient used by Strivectin, this is designed to help skin health and rebuild skin health.  Both of these are logical ingredients to use, however we were concerned with how this would treat extensive sagging skin.  Healing wrinkles and improving skin tone is one thing, but fixing an aging neck is another thing all together.

What Happened When We Tested It?

Testing went pretty much as expected.  This is a well formulated cream, consistent with the Strivectin long standing reputation.  It is not, however, effective enough to produce significant improvement to sagging skin. Wrinkles were diminished and surface layer skin health was noticeably improved, however it did not deliver the lifting and tightening effect that is crucial to neck treatment.  While not as impressive as our Number One choice, Strivectin left the remainder of the competition well behind; proving that its experience within the industry still makes it a viable option for consideration.

Peptides are certainly a highly effective way of treating wrinkles and sparking cellular regeneration.  They lead to new cell growth, the production of collagen and improved health of fibrolastins.  This is a great way to treat fine lines and mild wrinkles; however, for the treatment of the neck, it is just not quite enough.  If you have sagging skin in the neck area as a concern of yours, you will want a neck cream that focuses on the lifting and tightening as a priority and not a bi-product of the treatment.  Strivectin, is well suited for mild aging cases, specific to wrinkles in the neck area and even removing discoloration common with sun damage.  If this is the treatment you are looking for, then Strivectin should certainly be considered as a viable option.

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